About Nimbus

Nimbus Water Systems manufactures reverse osmosis water treatment equipment for a wide variety of applications.  Our systems reduce critical contaminants to provide great-tasting drinking water, high quality process water, and improved commercial equipment performance.

Applications include residential drinking water, ingredient water for the foodservice industry, as well as process water for commercial and industrial use.

Our specialty food & beverage line includes high efficiency systems that operate at maximum recovery for lower water consumption. These systems use green carbon from an environmentally responsible source. They are also smaller and lighter, saving resources and transportation fuel.

Located in Temecula, California, the Nimbus manufacturing facility includes the full range of quality control equipment. We fully test every system to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Nimbus Water Systems was founded in 1968. In November 2017, Nimbus became a member of the Kinetico Incorporated family of companies.