Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Nimbus S-Series combines proprietary controller technology with commercial quality, reverse osmosis system design to reduce critical contaminants while improving taste. Available in 710 gpd, 1,400 gpd, and 2,500 gpd models. These systems provide recipe quality water for food and beverage applications and include a unique blending feature to allow for a customized TDS profile based on specific application requirements. The S-Series is sized for medium to high volume usage and works best paired with bladder storage tanks. The small footprint allows for shelf or rack installation. May be combined with softener pretreatment and media filtration. Point-of-Entry System tested and certified by IAPMO against NSF/ANSI 61, LA Certified.

Advanced System Design

  • 710, 1400, and 2500 gpd models
  • High flow, low energy RO
  • Stainless steel frame/vessels
  • Easy to install, operate

Advanced Controller

  • Operating data log
  • System error recognition
  • Maintenance indicators


  • Blend filtered water to achieve precise TDS profile

Water Efficient

  • Low waste water
  • Up to 75% recovery

Space Saving

  • S-710, 21.5”W x 14.0”D x 17.0”H
  • S-1400, 21.5”W x 14.0”D x 17.0”H
  • S-2500, 28”W x 14.0”D x 19.5”H

Optional Equipment

  • Softening
  • Product water storage racks
  • Pre/Post filtration


  • Restaurants
  • Commercial food preparation
  • Drinking water
  • Water vending
  • Laboratory process
  • Greenhouses, hydroponics
  • Misting systems