Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Nimbus R-1500 delivers 1,500 gpd of high quality, reverse osmosis water for food and beverage applications. The system utilizes a high efficiency 4:1 product-to-waste ratio for 50% reduced water usage. An open frame design with all filter vessels at the front of the system allows for easy service. The R1500 includes a unique blending feature to allow for a customized TDS profile based on specific application requirements. The system fits securely on a standard RO44 tank. Point-of-Entry System tested and certified by the Water Quality Association against NSF/ANSI 61. ETL certified, LA Certified.

Advanced System Design

  • High flow, low Energy RO
  • Easy to install, operate


  • Blend filtered water to achieve precise TDS profile

Water Efficient

  • Low waste water

Space Saving

  • Fits securely on a standard RO44
    gallon tank

Optional Equipment

  • Softening
  • Additional prefiltration


  • Restaurants
  • Commercial food preparation
  • Drinking water
  • Water vending
  • Laboratory process
  • Greenhouses, hydroponics
  • Misting systems

The R-1500 uses the latest in system design and membrane technology to reduce the amount of water down the drain by 50%.