Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Nimbus NSC systems are ideal for low to medium volume drinking water applications. Available in 120 gpd and 250 gpd models. Antiscalant media pre-treatment included in the NSC-250 model. Both models feature a unique blending feature to allow for a customized TDS pro-file based on specific application requirements. Includes feed side booster pump, tank pressure switch, TDS monitor. Easy to install--wall mount or free-standing.

Advanced System Design

  • High flow, low energy RO
  • Antiscalant option
  • Feed side booster pump
  • Tank pressure switch
  • TDS monitor


  • Blend filtered water to achieve precise TDS profile

Space Saving

  • Wall mount or free-standing

Optional Equipment

  • Softening
  • Additional prefiltration


  • Beverage kiosk
  • Bakery process
  • Lab process
  • Misting systems
  • Hydroponics