Nimbus Water Systems

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The Nimbus S-Series reverse osmosis systems are available in 710 gpd and 1,400 gpd models. The S-Series systems operate at maximum water efficiency, reducing overall water usage. High quality, stainless steel construction for superior reliability and longer operational lifetime. Monitored feed inlet pressure, tank pressure and product water TDS with built in diagnostics. Factory set flow, no system adjustments at startup. Easy to install, operate and maintain.


R-Series, Green by Design

Green by DesignThe Nimbus R-Series reverse osmosis systems deliver 1,500 gpd. These systems utilize a high efficiency 4:1 product-to-waste ratio for 50% reduced water usage. Open frame design with all filter vessels at the front of the system for easy service. Includes blending valve, flush valve and recirculation valve. The system fits securely on a standard RO44 tank. POE NSF/ANSI 61 certified, ETL certified, LA Certified.


NSC, Sierra Commercial RO

The Nimbus Sierra Commercial reverse osmosis systems are ideal for low to medium volume drinking water applications. Available in 120 gpd and 250 gpd models. Antiscalant media pretreatment included in the NSC-250 model. Includes feed side booster pump, tank pressure switch, TDS monitor and blending valve. The blending valve combines filtered water with RO water to achieve desired product water TDS. Easy to install--wall mount or free-standing.



The Nimbus K850 reverse osmosis system delivers 850 gpd in very compact footprint. The aluminum frame houses all filters and membranes. Includes storage tank, TDS monitor, recirculation valve, flush valve, low pressure and tank pressure switches. Add the blending valve option for customized product water quality.



The Nimbus LNP Series reverse osmosis system are available in 500 gpd and 800 gpd. These line pressure, four-stage reverse osmosis systems utilize standard incoming feed water pressure. A permeate pump optimizes system recovery and storage tank pressure. Compact, wall-mount frames. Optional TDS monitor.